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Noxious weed display at the North Coast show, Nambour, 1960 (Heritage Library, Sunshine Coast Council).

The Culture of Weeds

A weed is usually defined as a plant out of place. Here we extend the idea of weediness to other biota and whole landscapes. We first consid...


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Alison Poulliot

Alison Pouliot

Alison Pouliot is a PhD scholar at the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the Australian National University. Alison's work has bri...
Lilian Pearce

Lilian Pearce

I am passionate about combining social and ecological science to explore relationships between people and place. I am particularly intereste...
Joy McCann

Joy McCann

Joy McCann is an Australian environmental and social historian with research interests in rural landscapes, social memory and place attachme...