Black Saturday left deep scars on our landscapes and our lives.  Ten years on, how do we remember the events, navigate the accompanying trauma, and prepare for future fires? As the climate changes, so too does the length and potential ferocity of our fire seasons.  And we are not alone. Californians also know the anguish that fire leaves behind.

Jointly hosted by the Centre for the Study of the Inland (CSI) and the Research Focus Area Transforming Human Societies (RFA THS) at La Trobe University, this one-day symposium brings together survivors, commentators and researchers to discuss the fires and their aftermath.

Speakers include the CEH’s Tom Griffiths and Daniel May

Session 1: Comparisons and Contrasts between California and Victoria
Session 2: Remembering and Memorialising
Session 3: Media, Trauma and Climate Disaster
Session 4: Climate Change and Fire

Friday 01 February 2019 09:00 am – 5:30 pm (Add to calendar)

Contact: Kerry Nixon
T: 9479 3327; E:

More information at the Centre for the Inland