In November 2020 friends and affiliates of the Centre for Environmental History joined with the Histories and Legacies of Violence cross-campus network at ANU for a dynamic Research Roadshow on the histories and legacies of environmental violence.

Thanks to Prof. Carolyn Strange, Isabelle Yates and Evana Ho for convening this special event.

Held in person and online, the program featured the following researchers, writers and artists, whose presentations you can now watch on Youtube –

  • Cameron Muir (co-editor of Living with the Anthropocene: love, loss and hope in the face of environmental crisis, 2020), and Karen Downing (author of Tears, Laughter, Champagne: A Story of Friendship Forged Through Fire and Food, 2017) 
  • Anna Raupach – Augmented Tree Rings: Visualising Layers of Time
  • Deborah Cleland – Restorative Justice in Environmental Regulation: a pathway for healing legacies of harm?
  • Julie Rickwood – There’s no music on a dead planet: ‘Green Music’ Australia
  • Joy McCann – Ice Memory
  • Jessica Urwin – Nuclear legacies: considering the history of nuclear colonialism in South Australia
  • Adam Broinowski – Atomic Bodies: Poetic Negotiations of Toxic Systems
  • Hilary Howes – Violence to Country/Violence to Ancestors: Environmental Damage and the Threat to Australian Indigenous Burial
  • Daniel May – Violence, bushfire, and Indigenous burning practices
  • Ruth Morgan – Camel culls and the colonial present: controlling territory in the Australian desert
  • Ngaio Fitzpatrick (artist-activist-curator) and Alex Hunter (soundscape musician) -Requiem for a Reef – video and discussion