Historian Michael Egan interviewed colleagues on the subject of ‘catastrophic history’ for a new audio series beginning this month. Listen to the introduction to learn more:


The podcast schedule

5 September: “Dysfunctional Relationships: Love Songs for Pesticides” (Michelle Mart)
12 September: “Catastrophic Environmentalism: Histories of the Cold War” (Jacob Hamblin)
19 September: “Disaster Narratives: Predictions, Preparedness, & Lessons” (Scott Knowles)
26 September: “Catastrophe in the Age of Revolutions” (Cindy Ermus)
3 October: “Histories of the Future & the Anthropocene” (Libby Robin)
10 October: “Günther Anders & the Catastrophic Imagination” (Jason Dawsey)
17 October: “Convergence: Climate, Capitalism, Catastrophe” (Andreas Malm)
24 October: “Catastrophic Meanings: Consuming the Great Flood of 1927” (Susan Scott Parrish)
31 October: “Disaster, Race, & Diaspora” (Richard Mizelle, Jr.)
7 November: “Labour, Environment, & Neoliberalism” (Erik Loomis)