Apply by 15 April 2021 to be considered for 2021 commencement.

At the Centre for Environmental History, we’re thrilled to announce two PhD scholarships to join us at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.

The ANU Futures Scheme Environmental History Award will support students while they undertake their PhD in Environmental History at ANU.

The scholarships contribute to the Centre’s key project, Placing Planetary Change: An Environmental History of Climate Change in the Southern Hemisphere.

This project asks:

  • how is climate change experienced, understood and measured in particular places?
  • how have particular geographies and histories shaped these sites?
  • how have these sites shaped scientific knowledge of planetary climate change?

Your project will concentrate on a particular place and/or institution, drawing on archival sources and oral histories.

Expertise in languages other than English is welcomed.

Please contact Centre Director Assoc. Prof. Ruth Morgan for further details about this opportunity.

For application details see here.