Students from Australia, New Zealand and around the world gathered for our eighth bienniel Environmental History PhD workshop from Monday 23 May to Friday 27 May, 2016.

Course organisers and teachers were Professor Tom Griffiths (Centre for Environmental History, ANU), Professor Libby Robin (Fenner School of Environment and Society ANU) and Professor Heather Goodall (University of Technology, Sydney). Professor Jane Carruthers (University of South Africa) was the international guest teacher.


A note from workshop participant Penny Dunstan:

A big thank you to you all. It was an honour to be involved in the workshop and meet you all.

I’ve been writing…. thanks Tom for the inspiration of your clean and clear style.

David, I have been following up on novel ecosystems from the Decision Point mag you left with us. Thank you – it is in my exegesis. And I am sharing the idea with my research site manager at the mine. I am intrigued by the identification of such places because in hindsight I’m sure I’ve see them before but have just noted it as a patch rather than a planting. But it changes my reading of landscape if it is a planting…… something to think about.

Penny Dunstan
If you are in Newcastle I have some prints at Curve Gallery in Hunter St, Newcastle opening on 17th June. They are part of a series of 15 photos taken at Hill End.

Between the Cracks Exhibition (18th June to 2nd July)

All the best,

Penny Dunstan
Penny Dunstan