The Centre for Environmental History, ANU welcomes Professor Christof Mauch, international guest teacher for the Centre’s ninth Biennial Environmental History PhD workshop. Professor Mauch founded and co-directs the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society in Munich and is a distinguished American studies scholar, with interests in national parks, energy, waste, literature, history and interdisciplinary studies. He is visiting Australia especially for this workshop.

The Environmental History PhD workshops have been running since 2002 and bring 16-20 doctoral students from around Australia and the world for an intensive one-week teaching workshop on environmental history. They are taught in the tradition established on the ANU campus by the distinguished historian, Professor Greg Dening (1931-2008), with whom we were fortunate to teach in his ‘Challenges to Perform’ workshops from 1998 to 2006. Students are encouraged to reflect on their responsibility to communicate what is important to them, think deeply about the craft of history writing, as well as explore different modes of communication, or ‘performance’, for different audiences.

This year’s workshop will be held 28 May to 1 June. Professor Mauch will join workshop teachers Professor Tom Griffiths, Professor Heather Goodall, and Professor Libby Robin. 


Christof MauchChristof Mauch is Director (jointly with Helmuth Trischler) of the Rachel Carson Center as well as the Chair in American Culture and Transatlantic Relations (currently on leave) at LMU Munich. He is also an affiliated professor in the History Faculty of LMU Munich and is an Honorary Professor at Renmin University in China. Read his full CV at the Rachel Carson Center website.


The workshop is sponsored by the Centre for Environmental History (School of History, RSSS, ANU), the Fenner School of Environment and Society (ANU), the National Museum of Australia, and the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (LMU, Munich).