An International Advisory Board for the Centre for Environmental History was established in 2010.  Members of the Board represent some of the Centre’s international and national partnerships as well as the range of scholarship and practice pursued by environmental historians around the world.  Members of the Board are listed below:

Professor Tom Brooking University of Otago, New Zealand
Professor Jane Carruthers University of South Africa
Associate-Professor Diana Davis University of California, Davis
Associate-Professor Andrea Gaynor University of Western Australia
Professor Heather Goodall University of Technology, Sydney
Dr Joseph Hodge University of West Virginia
Associate-Professor Grace Karskens University of NSW, Sydney
Professor John McNeill Georgetown University, Washington
Professor Stephen J Pyne Arizona State University
Dr Mike Smith National Museum of Australia
Professor Sverker Sörlin Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Professor Stuart Ward University of Copenhagen
Dr Paul Warde University of East Anglia, UK
Professor Graeme Wynn University of British Columbia, Canada