Institutional partnerships

The Centre for Environmental History has established a range of productive institutional partnerships:

National Museum of Australia

The Centre for Environmental History has been created in formal partnership with the National Museum of Australia (NMA), especially its Centre for Historical Research.  Environmental History generates one of the major scholarly interfaces between the NMA and the ANU.  A number of staff work in both the university and the museum, and the Centre for Environmental History hosts a number of their research projects.  For example, the Director of the Museum’s Centre for Historical Research, Dr Peter Stanley, is an Adjunct Professor in the School of History, RSSS, and a collaborator in CEH’s fire research project.  Tom Griffiths is a Professorial Affiliate in the Museum’s Centre for Historical Research.  Dr Nicholas Brown and Dr Libby Robin are joint ANU/NMA appointments.  The NMA’s Senior Research Fellow, Dr Mike Smith, is a member of the Advisory Board of CEH and assists with several of its research projects.  The biennial National Environmental History PhD Workshop is a joint initiative of these two institutions.

Federal Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts

The Centre for Environmental History is exploring opportunities for collaboration with this federal government department through teaching, research exchanges and internships.  Dr Kirsty Douglas, an ANU graduate working in the Heritage Division of the Department, completed her book, Pictures of Time Beneath, while a Visitor in the Centre for Environmental History.  For details of her book, see

Universityof Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen is, like ANU, a member of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU).  The Centre for Environmental History has established a teaching and research exchange program with Copenhagen: Tom Griffiths has been appointed Adjunct Professor of Climate Studies at the University of Copenhagen for five years (2010-14), and Christine Hansen has a CEH Teaching Fellowship in Denmark in 2011.  Following the UN Climate Summit, a dialogue between Antarctic and Arctic scholars has been initiated by the Centre for Environmental History.

Charles Darwin University (Northern Territory)

The Centre for Environmental History is a sponsor of the annual History Colloquium held in Darwin.  This support enables two students in History from the ANU to travel to Darwin to present papers at this event each year.

North Australia Research Unit (ANU)

The North Australia Research Unit ( is the northern Australia research campus of the ANU and has been host to two ANU PhD students in History in 2010, Elizabeth Ganter and Chris O’Brien.  Elizabeth’s research subject is entitled Representing Others: Aboriginal senior officials in the self-governing Northern Territory, and Chris is writing a History of Weather in the Top End.

International Consortium of Environmental History Organizations (ICEHO)

The Consortium fosters international communication among environmental history organizations.

International and Interstate Visitors

In recent years ANU has been host to some of the world’s leading scholars in Environmental History (e.g. Professor Heather Goodall and Associate-Professor Grace Karskens from Sydney, Professor Stephen Pyne and Professor John McNeill from the USA, Professor Jane Carruthers from South Africa, Professor Tom Brooking from New Zealand, Professor David Lowenthal from the UK and USA, Dr Paul Warde from the UK, Professor Graeme Wynn from Canada and Professor Sverker Sörlin from Sweden).  The Research School of Social Sciences offers a lively Visiting Fellowship Scheme.  For further information, see