Professor Tom Griffiths

Tom Griffiths

Emeritus Professor of History and Emeritus Director, Centre for Environmental History, ANU
Chair, Editorial Board, Australian Dictionary of Biography
Adjunct Professor of Climate Research, University of Copenhagen
Professorial Affiliate, Research Centre, National Museum of AustraliaEmail:


BA (Hons) Melb, MA Melb, PhD Monash, FAHA

Biography and interests

Tom Griffiths is an Emeritus Professor of History in the Research School of Social Sciences at the Australian National University, Canberra, and Director of the Centre for Environmental History at ANU.  His research, writing and teaching are in the fields of Australian social, cultural and environmental history, the comparative environmental history of settler societies, the writing of non-fiction, and the history of Antarctica.  Tom’s books and essays have won prizes in history, science, literature, politics and journalism.  His most recent monograph, Slicing the Silence: Voyaging to Antarctica (UNSW Press and Harvard University Press, 2007), won the Queensland and NSW Premiers’ awards for Non-Fiction and was the joint winner of the Prime Minister’s Prize for Australian History in 2008.

Current research

For information on Tom’s current research projects, see:

Current teaching

Supervision of doctoral candidates in the School of History, ANU

National Environmental History PhD Workshop

History@ANU Postgraduate Workshops

Masterclasses in Environmental History and Non-Fiction Writing

Honours courses in Environmental History and Public History

Adjunct Professor of Climate Research, University of Copenhagen

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Major publications:

  • Slicing the Silence: Voyaging to Antarctica, University of NSW Press and Harvard University Press, 2007
  • Forests of Ash: An Environmental History, Cambridge University Press, 2001
  • Hunters and Collectors: The Antiquarian Imagination in Australia, Cambridge University Press, 1996
  • Beechworth: An Australian Country Town and its Past, Greenhouse, Melbourne, 1987
  • Living with Fire: People, Nature and History in Steels Creek, CSIRO Publishing, 2012 (co-written with Christine Hansen)
  • Australia Antarctic Treaty System: 50 years of influence, University of New South Wales Press, 2011 (co-edited with Marcus Haward)
  • Frontier, Race, Nation: Henry Reynolds and Australian History, Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne, 2009 (co-edited with Bain Attwood)
  • A Change in the Weather: Climate and Culture in Australia, NMA Press, Canberra, 2005 (co-edited with Tim Sherratt and Libby Robin)
  • Words for Country: Landscape and Language in Australia, UNSW Press, Sydney, 2002 (co-edited with Tim Bonyhady)
  • Ecology and Empire: Environmental History of Settler Societies, Keele University Press, Edinburgh, 1997 (co-edited with Libby Robin)
  • Prehistory to Politics: John Mulvaney, the Humanities and the Public Intellectual, Melbourne University Press, 1996 (co-edited with Tim Bonyhady)
  • The Life and Adventures of Edward Snell, Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1988 (co-edited with Alan Platt)

Some recent essays and articles:

  • Weather and mind games‘, Griffith REVIEW, no. 41, July 2013.
  • The language of catastrophe‘, Griffith REVIEW, no. 35, January 2012.
  • A humanist on thin ice: Science and Humanities, People and Climate Change’, Griffith REVIEW, no. 29, August 2010.
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