To deepen contemporary debates about environment and climate, CEH is building on the successful National Academies Forum and book, A Change in the Weather: Climate and Culture in Australia (2005).  This was a result of an ARC Linkage Project involving ANU, NMA and the Bureau of Meteorology.  Other publications resulting from this collaboration were:

Tim Sherratt, Inigo Jones: The Weather Prophet, Metarch Papers no. 16, Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, 2007.

Kirsty Douglas, Under such Sunny Skies: Understanding Weather in Colonial Australia, 1860-1901, Metarch Papers, No.17, Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, 2007.

ANU PhD student, Chris O’Brien, is researching a History of Weather in the Top End.

See also Tom Griffiths’ essay, ‘A Humanist on Thin Ice: Science and Humanities, People and Climate Change’, Griffith REVIEW, no. 29, August 2010.


Beginning of the Wet on Norwood. Image: Mandy Martin